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Plastic-Type NS-316 Series (Low Residue No-Clean Flux)


The NS-316 no-clean flux series was developed to eliminate the need for washing after the application of the solder. It is a non-halide post flux for printed circuit boards.
The NS-316 series was developed to compensate for the shortcomings of conventional low residual dross type flux and it is compatible with spray-type fluxer.
Bearing in mind the restrictions on CFC use, NS-316 really is your best solution for no-clean flux.

  • The formation and manifestation of balling, bridging and icicles that are the downfall of so many solders is not a feature of the NS-316 series.
  • It is possible for boards to undergo checking after soldering without a preliminary wash.
  • The solder does not interfere with the electrical contacts contained in connectors or switches.
  • There is very little flux residue deposited onto the circuit board.
  • Reduced maintenance costs are a benefit of using NS-316 as youチll find that the flux leaves very little dirt or wear and tear on machinery.

Organic Acid Type NS-334 (Low Residue No-Clean Flux)


NS-334 is an alcohol-based no-clean solder flux. As the flux does not contain halogen, the ratio of solid content is low, which translates into very little residual dross. Moreover, as NS-334 does not contain any water, there is no dispersion whatsoever. Soldering with NS-334 leaves a brilliant varnish-like hue.

  • Can be used as a dip, spray or foam.
  • Ideal for use with single-sided or double sided circuit boards (with or without solder coating).
  • Perfect for tinning and coating covered or stranded wires and for solder coating printed circuit boards.
  • Does not contain any rosin or resin.
  • Using NS-334 can have a positive impact on your cleaning machinery, solvent and staffing costs.
Conventional Properties
Precautions for Use

When using MS-316 and/or NS-334 please be sure to control the concentration of the flux.
(This is not necessary in the case of a spray-type flux)

RM-5 (Flux for BGA / CSP Solder Ball)

Ideal for coating/printing, RM-5 is a highly reliable RMA-type smooth flux.

Organic Acid Water Soluble Flux (for Electronic Use)


Our non-halide organic acid type water soluble flux, designed for those applications where use of halogen must be avoided, is suitable for all sorts of applications such as electronic components, semi-conductors and the solder plating of printed circuit boards.
This non-halide series offers the same high performance when used with metals such as copper, 42 alloy and nickel as conventional halogen-based flux.

Package units
4l -poly (4 containers per box), 20l-poly

Inorganic Acid Water Soluble Flux (for Conventional Use)

This is a highly active flux. The flux residue does have a slight corrosive effect, but said residue can be simply removed by rinsing with water.

Package units
4l -poly (4 containers per box), 20l-poly

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