Lead-Free Solder

Flux-Cored Solder Wire

SN100C (030)

Low Carbonizing Lead-Free Flux-Cored Solder Wire

The flux-cored solder wire enables fast soldering with less carbonizing of soldering tips and less flux spatter providing greater productivity than existing products.

Tip Carbonizing Test

Left : SN100C 030 (13sec. later)
Right : Conventional product (3sec. later)

SN100C (031)

Reduced flux spattering

SN100C (031) is a general purpose flux-cored lead-free solder wire that offers improved productivity. The alloy and cored flux combination provides excellent wetting for components with poor solderability.solder wire provides fast wetting, resulting in faster soldering.

Flux Spattering Test

Solder each wire with a tip temperature of 280℃ to 380℃.
Count the number of spattered flux droplets around each soldered wire.

Flux Spattering Test Result

Dramatic reduction in Flux spattering

SN100C (044)

Completely halogen-free but short soldering time

The fast wetting and spread of SN100C (044) flux-cored solder wire makes it possible to complete a solder joint up to 30% faster than with previously available completely halogen-free flux-cored wire. Excellent wetting and spread ensure high first pass yields. Completely halogen-free. Does not contain F, Cl, Br or I.

Solder Speed Test (Average Ratio)

Approxmately 30% faster than previous product

SN100C (551CT)

Improved flux activity and durability

With sustained activity and good separation of the solder from the tip with a consequent reduced incidence of icicles, high reliability SN100C (551CT) is Ideal for sequential soldering and rework.

Incidence of Icicles

Left : Previous product (Icicles occur in 1 second heating)
Right : 551CT (Icicles do not occur)
*551CT occurs Icicles in 4 seconds heating

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