• Trusted SN100C from Official Licensed Suppliers
  • SN100C Official Licensed Suppliers

Why should you buy your SN100C
from an official Nihon Superior Licensee ?


When you buy SN100C from a licensed supplier you know you are getting it from a company that has been making the alloy and supporting the users of the alloy for many years, some for more than a decade.

Making a solder alloy like SN100C is more than stirring a few ingredients in a pot. Making SN100C is a multistage process in which skill and experience makes a difference.

Every solder alloy has its unique characteristics and maintaining optimum results in electronics assembly process requires a deep understanding of the characteristic and behavior of the alloy.

When you buy the alloy from a licensed supplier you have access to a depth of technical support that suppliers that can do no more than mix up a similar composition just do not have.

Buy knowhow and experience,
not just a composition.
Buy SN100C from a licensed supplier

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